Toddler eating habits

11th September 2016
Eating toddler

“What’s the time?”, you ask? Well, it’s bragging time. I know that this has been discussed here in the past and on multiple occasions but I just can’t get over the fact that Ben is pretty much making the whole family eat healthy. Now I have discussed all the fruit and vegetables we eat and how we make Ben a part of the shopping. Now I …

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The big blue truck

13th July 2016
A big blue truck

One of the most frequent words Ben uses is “ak”. And not only because it means a whole bunch of stuff (see the Benctionary right here), mostly because one of the meanings is truck and he is absolutely obsessed with trucks. Whenever he hears one (and somehow he really can tell by the sound!) he shouts “Ak! Ak!”, and immediately runs to the window to …

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The dark side of raising a toddler

5th July 2016
Toddler with sauce around his mouth

There are drawbacks to having kids, especially when they are in toddler age. There. I said it. It’s not all just rainbows and unicorns. While we are very lucky with our toddler, there are two sides to every coin, even raising Ben. Don’t be fooled by the picture, we simply don’t take photos when he’s mad or having a tantrum (as we have other things …

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High Five on Parenting Done Right

2nd July 2016
Toddler on a swing

Now, not that we need affirmation on how we handle things on the toddler front, let alone from people who don’t know us, but who am I to pass on a pat on my shoulder, even if from a stranger (or does that make it somehow even bigger of a deal?). Obviously everyone has their doubts when it comes to kids, we are raising the …

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8th June 2016
Toddler drawing at a desk

All toddlers seem to have their way of naming things. Sometimes these toddler-given names are close to their real world terms and sometimes your mind just doesn’t understand how the kids came up with that word. This here is a guide for anyone who wishes to understand Ben and for everyone else to compare with their toddler’s language. Benguage English Duck Duck Bear Bear, pear Dada Dada …

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I’m not a perfect parent, and that’s OK

10th May 2016
Mothers Day Card with a Flower

Now with the Mother’s Day having just passed, this seems like an appropriate topic for me to visit (in writing, in my mind I juggle related thoughts pretty much on an hourly basis). With Ben being the energetic opinionated toddler he is, things sometimes get… let’s say heated up. The kid is absolutely awesome but boy, does he have some unique ways of expressing his …

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